Schedule of Dhasa jn jlr (52932) is given below. This train starts at Dhasa jn and ends at Jetalsar jn.. It takes total 2 hours over 0 days to complete this journey. The train only runs on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Arrival and departure information for each station is also given below along with the distance travelled by the train.

Train Number Train Name From To Arrival Time Departure Time Days Runs ON Train Type
52932 Dhasa jn jlr DASF JLRF 19:55 17:30 0 1111111 PASSENGER

Station Code Station Name Arrival Time Departure Time Day Distance
DASF Dhasa jn 00:00 17:30 0 0
LAT Lathi 17:45 17:46 0 14
CTL Chital 18:11 18:12 0 32
LDU Lunidhar 18:32 18:33 0 46
KKV Kunkavav jn 18:49 18:50 0 60
KKK Khakharia 19:00 19:01 0 71
VDV Vadiya devli 19:11 19:12 0 79
VVD Vavdi 19:21 19:22 0 85
JTP Jetpur 19:34 19:35 0 97
JLRF Jetalsar jn. 19:55 00:00 0 104

Dhasa jn jlr is a daily running passenger train. It travels in between Dhasa jn railway station and Jetalsar jn.. It operates with train numbers 52932 and 52932.
The overall distance covered by Dhasa jn jlr is 104 km. The average running speed of the train is about 52 km/hour and the average time taken by the train to complete the journey is about 2 hours. Train 52932 Dhasa jn jlr runs from Dhasa jn to Jetalsar jn. and train 52932 Dhasa jn jlr heads in the opposite direction. As per its time schedule, train 52932 Dhasa jn jlr departs from Dhasa jn at 17:30 hours and reaches Jetalsar jn. station at 19:55 hours on day 0 of journey. On the other side, train 52932 departs from Jetalsar jn. station at 17:30 and reaches Dhasa jn at 19:55 on day 0 of the journey.
The prominent stoppages took by the express are at Khijadiya Jn, Dhasa Jn, Lathi, Chital, Lunidhar.

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